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Irish Breakfast (Assam), 4oz loose leaf pouch

Typical breakfast style black tea noted for its strength, body and color. Hearty, malty flavor goes well with milk. Caffeinated.

English Breakfast, 4oz loose leaf pouch

There are many versions of this tea. Our English Breakfast has an ancient pedigree. Researchers have traced its heritage back to the black tea the English drank regularly in the 1800’s. It is, simply, China Black – 100% Keemun, and good with or without milk. Caffeinated.

Earl Grey, 4oz loose leaf pouch

Premium gold-tipped whole leaf organic black tea artfully flavored with high quality bergamot oil. Soft, smooth and fragrant. Caffeinated.

DECAF English Breakfast, 4oz loose leaf pouch

Like our English Breakfast, but decaffeinated using the natural carbon dioxide method retaining a maximum of flavor.

Darjeeling, 4oz loose leaf pouch

High grown Indian “Champagne” of black teas. From one of the celebrated Himalayan gardens, the liquor is medium amber color, with a pungent citrus and muscatel grape flavor. Caffeinated.