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Papua New Guinea AA, 12oz

From Jamaican Blue Mountain root stock, this pedigree coffee offers a full, rich and buttery body which is balanced with clean acidity and finish.

Peru La Florida, 12oz

Slight sparkling acidity, balanced with a full-body and smooth finish, hinting of caramel, this rich, buttery coffee remains dry and straightforward.

Pilot Fuel, 12oz

This blend of Central and South American coffees creates a bright and vibrant cup with a smooth, smoky finish.

Sicilian Roast, 12oz

Our darkest roast, also know as "The Godfather," is a dream for those who enjoy dark roasted coffee. A heavy-bodied Sicilian roast with sweet bourbon notes and a smooth, smoky finish.

Signature House Blend, 12oz

A blend of Central and South American coffees creates a medium to heavy-bodied cup with a chocolaty smooth finish.

Sumatra, 12oz

Renowned for its low acidity, unparalleled mellowness and heavy body, the flavor is earthy with a velvety texture that is thick and warm with hints of cognac.

Tanzanian AA, 12oz

A smooth and elegant coffee with rich brightness and flavors of a spicy cabernet wine.

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Zimbabwe AA+, 12oz

Medium Roast. Hints of toffee and caramel with a complex finish.