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Sumatra, 12oz

Renowned for its low acidity, unparalleled mellowness and heavy body, the flavor is earthy with a velvety texture that is thick and warm with hints of cognac.

T-Sac Loose Leaf Tea Filters, 100ct

Easily scoop your favorite loose leaf Rao's Tea into the top of these large unbleached paper tea filters! Shake tea to bottom of filter and leave hanging over the edge of your cup or tie off. (To be used for cups and mugs- to be used without a holder. 100 count box.)

Tanzanian AA, 12oz

A smooth and elegant coffee with rich brightness and flavors of a spicy cabernet wine.

Yerba Mate, 3oz loose leaf pouch

An herbal tea from Paraguay, Yerba ["MAH-tay",] this tea's bold, authentic flavor is woodsy and a bit smoky with a sweetness reminiscent of wheat grass. Contains moderate caffeine.

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Zimbabwe AA+, 12oz

Medium Roast. Hints of toffee and caramel with a complex finish.