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Vacuum Pot

Vacuum pot brewing is arguably the most unusual and fascinating method ever invented for brewing coffee. In addition, it may well produce the best cup of coffee you’ll ever taste. You must pay close attention to the brewing process – do not walk away!
When heat is applied to the water in the bottom vessel, it expands, creating water vapor. This builds pressure, driving the heated water up a siphon tube, through a filter into the coffee grounds.
By the time it reaches the boiling point all but a small amount of water will have been forced to the top bowl. At this point, only vapor is moving up the tube, further heating the brewing coffee while creating a gentle rolling action that thoroughly extracts the coffee while keeping it at a nearly perfect temperature.
Once the brewing is finished, the heat source is removed. The bottom globe immediately begins to cool and the gases begin to contract. The coffee is “vacuumed” back down into the lower chamber as you watch! The brewing takes approximately 12 minutes and is fun from beginning to end.

Vacuum Pot
Burr grinder if possible
High quality, Rao’s fresh coffee

Step 1
Grind 40 grams (about 6 Tablespoons medium-coarse grind ) of coffee for a 20oz brew volume.

Step 2
Fill the globe with water to the 5 mark (20oz or 570 grams.) Put on stove and heat water to about 200 degrees F and insert funnel with filter assembly. After water has risen to the top chamber, stir with a coffee paddle to create whirlpool

Step 3
Start 3:30 minute timer and add coffee. Stir in circular motion for 10 seconds to integrate grounds. At 2:30 minutes, stir in a circular motion to integrate grounds for another 10 seconds. At 1:55 minutes, remove the heat source. Use hot pads.

Step 4
When the drawdown begins, stir the top chamber with a wooden stirrer to create a whirlpool. When it’s finished, remove top portion and serve.

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