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Bean Guide


Papua New Guinea AA and Peaberry
Medium Roast. Balanced and smooth with citrus and floral tones.
Sumatra Mandheling
Medium/Dark Roast. Heavy-bodied and earthy. Rich and smooth with a hint of cognac.


Costa Rican (Romelia, La Minita, Asaproaaa, Dona Margarita)
Light/Medium Roast. Floral with a light, slightly sweet chocolate finish.
Honduran (Santa Rosa, El Jaguar, Marcala)
Light/Medium Roast. Mild and sweet with a complex and fruity finish.
Guatemalan (Antigua, Huehuetenango)
Medium Roast. Smoky with floral and chocolate notes.
Light Roast. Sweet chocolate tones with a bright, citrus finish.
Medium Roast. Clean, balanced, and full-bodied.


Medium Roast. Buttery and smooth with hints of caramel.
Light Roast. Walnut and almond notes with a smoky finish.
Peru La Florida
Medium Roast. Nutty and bright with a chocolaty finish.


Ethiopian (Harrar, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Amaro)
Light Roast. Delicious blueberry and floral notes with a rich, smooth finish.
Tanzanian AA and Peaberry
Medium Roast. Hints of toffee and caramel with a complex finish.
Kenya AA (Tatu, Mbee)
Medium Roast. Bright and complex with notes of fruit and spice.
Zimbabwe AA+
Medium Roast. Hints of toffee & caramel with a complex finish.


Signature House Blend
Medium Roasted blend. Smooth and smoky with velvety chocolate tones.
Espresso Blends (Viennese, Milano, Carnival)
Medium/dark roasted blend. Bright, and syrupy with complex flavors.
French Roast
Dark roast. Full-bodied, smoky, and bittersweet.
Sicilian Roast (aka “The Godfather”)
Our darkest roast. A heavy-bodied Sicilian roast with sweet bourbon notes and a smooth, smoky finish.


Decaf Colombian
Medium Roast. Smooth and rich with soft caramel notes. Incredibly flavorful.
Decaf French Roast
Dark Roast. Full-bodied, smoky, and bittersweet.
Decaf Espresso
Medium/Dark Roast blend. Medium/dark roasted blend. Bright, syrupy and complex flavors.