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Ethiopian Harrar, 12oz

Best known for its taste and aroma of blueberries, Harrar has a full yet smooth, syrup-like body and virtually no acidity.

Ethiopian Sidamo, 12oz

A washed coffee with its acidity hinting of blueberries and a smooth body with sweet floral aroma. The complexity of this coffee changes through the cup.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, 12oz

A washed coffee with acidity reminiscent of lemon peels, it has a smooth body and sweet aroma.  The complexity of this coffee changes throughout the cup.

Kenya Mbee AA, 12oz

Medium roast. Bright and complex with notes of fruit, nuts, and spice.

Tanzanian AA, 12oz

A smooth and elegant coffee with rich brightness and flavors of a spicy cabernet wine.

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Zimbabwe AA+, 12oz

Medium Roast. Hints of toffee and caramel with a complex finish.