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Like all good things, full flavor takes time. Using a Chemex is an easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee at home. Use clean equipment, high quality fresh beans, grind the coffee correctly and pour the water correctly.
Chemex Information:
Total brew time: 3:45 minutes
Yield: 2 mugs
Coffee flavor/characteristics: Clean and refined
Chemex 6-cup brewer
Square Chemex filter
Pouring Kettle (gooseneck preferred)
Burr grinder (recommended)

Step 1:
Grind the coffee (36 grams – 6-7 tablespoons) to a medium-coarse grind.

Step 2:
Place the filter inside the Chemex, lining up the multiple folds with the spout. Pre-rinse with ample hot water to seal the filter and rinse out the paper flavor. Discard the rinse water and add your ground coffee.

Step 3:
Pour just enough water (about 205 degrees F) to saturate the grounds and let it bloom for 30 seconds. The fresher the coffee, the more bloom you will get. Next, pour water evenly in a spiral motion over the coffee and slowly fill to the top of the brewer. For an even extraction, pour over the dark spots and avoid the light ones. Continue to add water periodically until the brewed coffee reaches the glass button on the Chemex.

Step 4:
Lift the filter out of the Chemex and discard. Pre-warm your cup with hot water. Pour coffee and enjoy!

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